My first CBD experience

My first interaction with CBD was at the end of a leg day that came out of hell. My training

buddy, Tom,  and I put ourselves through a high number of sets and pretty heavy weights to try and bring in some real change to our legs.

Just thinking about the day makes my hamstrings hurt.

Nevertheless, at the end of the workout, our gym trainer Brad, who was nothing short of a mind reader, came up to us and told us he is not expecting to see us over the next three days. However, he probably has something that can make sure we are back at the gym tomorrow morning for another awesome workout.

He said we should focus on recovering, eating well and dosing on CBD Oil.

I remember doing a little bit of reading on CBD, but I never had the opportunity to try it or explore the benefits.

We wanted to be back at the gym the next day, so we decided to give it a shot.

Although we were not too sure how to use it, we decided that we would each take a drop before hitting the sack later that night.

Sure enough, I pressed a drop from the tincture and went to bed later that night.

I swear to God; this was the most peaceful sleep experience I ever had in my life. There was no twisting or turning, no waking up, no strange dreams. My body felt great too! My limbs were relaxed, my breathing steady. It was an incredibly peculiar experience.

I woke up full of energy in the morning. No soreness and no stress. I was ready, and honestly quite excited, about heading to the gym and crushing another workout.

Tom shared the same experience! He said it was as if he was sleeping in clouds!

It’s safe to say that both Tom and I are now hooked on CBD. It is, by far, my absolute favorite supplement. I highly recommend it to anyone serious about fitness, muscle, and personal wellbeing!

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